The LightGrey Artlab

Lightgrey Artlab is an active artist community / gallery that contributs greatly to the global artists community. The team of Lindsay Nohlan, Jenny Wells, James Lavella and Calvin Bauer organize Artist Residencies in beautiful surroundings. Giving artists from all genres and countries a week of inspiration and communication. Gatherings that not rarely result in collaborations and projects further down the line.

I applied and got accepted to be part of Team Basalt, a residency taking place in the North of Iceland. Close to Akureyri I was part of a phantastic group of artists, some of which I have already known through their fame and projects, and got to interact and learn from their crafts and thoughts.

The haunting beauty of the landscape in Iceland stunned me once more. I added two additional weeks to my trip to discover more of the country by myself. So I drove through th South with the car and stood all week in a small area, this time exploring all the small museums and th heritage of each little village. This connection to the country was so different from my trips before, which relayed heavily on sightseeing and checking off points on my bucket list. It was calm and sincere and intimate, a sight into the world and its beauty that the residency beforehand made possible. 

An amazing experience, thank you all very much for this amazing time and for making this possible.All Photos not by me but by the team