Before it starts…

Five months ago I yelled into the internet that I will sell all my stuff, pack my luggage, flip off my clients and go travel the world. Free as a bird with a head full of dreams, unmaintained beachbod and a daily updated Instagram account I wanted to hold tight to my top10 best places to travel list from Buzzfeed and jump into colorful taxis and nostalgic trains. Yeah, how did that turn out?

Everything that ought to last, has to be prepared cautiously.

Little did I know that the first mountain I had to climb was made of paperwork. Taxes, official state of living, renewing nationalities and papers, fixing up an international money flow so I can get to my savings from everywhere and trying to get global WiFi wuuaaat? But I did sell all my stuff. That means besides 15 boxes of books I just couldn’t let go of. And my wardrobe for example has reduced to one box, winter jackets included, which surprisingly turned out to be the most freeing and most rewarding part of my break-free. Wearing treasures instead of fashion has dramatically improved my quality of life and self esteem. Who would’ve guessed?

Farewell my artbooks, hope to read you again one day.

All of my remaining belongings are stuffed into a garage 600km from Berlin, while I stuffed myself onto couches, guest beds, sleeping bags and a very short & disastrous shared flat room. Brief shoutout: Didn’t even get my money back after I had to move out to avoid tittie-cream offers for breakfast. WTF is wrong with you?

But I managed to do my drivers license and plan my travels. And I have to tell you, between being „flirted“ into social isolation, getting my bank account hacked, falling down the stairs and breaking my arm, what always cheered me up was to put together My Google Map © and planing my travels. Thanks to all of you out there who invited me and opened the world to me. Every pin that went down My Google Map © made me happier. No, seriously, thank you. Where I will be in a week

Now I sit here, look at my map, my printed tickets and I am scared and relieved that tomorrow is the day. Tomorrow at 9.45 goes the train to Denmark, my first stop of this weird new life I chose to have. What I save in rent I will spend in tickets, at least that’s what I have in mind. Until June I will travel with backpack, carrying a tent and sleeping bag and I will try to be as autonome as possible.

I have always dreamt of this.

This. Hiking by myself, being free, going wherever I want to go. It will be cold AF and rainy and snowing but I am prepared, and I have no intention of getting comfortable. I want to suffer and be rewarded with freedom, re-wire my brain from Netflix to pushing through. The couch should never be in my way again.

9,8 kg of backpacked home

First Travels to the North, then meet up with some of you at IFCC in Croatia. I will post an article for every travels I have done, but also I will send you little videos on the way. And if you are in Faroe or Iceland, please invite me for a hot coffee, I will need it.