Speaker Sketchwizzle

Sketchwizzle is an annual illustration and arts convention – celebrating love, life, fun and art! And I proudly did a talk at this amaze-fest again. It was great, thanks!!

Speaker IFCC 2016

I was invited to hold a speech at IFCC Croatia this year. For the honor of the event I created the talk “How to Sketchbook” which was greatly accepted by the audience. Thanks so much for you overwhelming response and interest in my work!

THU Berlin Meetup

I was asked to join my friends on stage of th THU Berlin Meetup. And it was fun! We talked about inspiration, work, the industry or just our own ideas. The evening became an absolute blast when the room overheated and too much drinks went over the bar. I think none of us can really remember what happened that night …

Speaker Talk&Play

I collaborated with the monthly event of Talk&Play, where short 15 minutes talks and shout-outs are hosted on stage. In an event that also showcases current prototypes and projects of Berlin Indie developers. Thus the name, talk and play! For this special event I put together a short checklist on how to avoid bad stereotypes in character design. I was …

Tutorial ImagineFX

ImagineFX asked me again to write tutorials for their magazine. Which I gladly obey, I love writing tutorials! This time they enjoyed one of my contributions so much, that they published it later on their website Creativebloq! I am very honored, it was a lot of fun and I am glad that my message came through to people. This is …

Workshop ImagineFX

By some funny coincidence I found this video I made for ImagineFX on Youtube! It got secretly uploaded, so psshht…. It created quite a stir on tumblr so be sure to check it out! The topic is Male pin-up!

Feature ImagineFX

I got a small feature on th CD of the current ImagineFX issue! Thank you very much, I am humbled and happy 🙂