Dresden Booth

So, surprisingly and last-minute I shared a booth with talented Miezwars in the Verkehrmuseum Dresden (traffic museum – yeah I know, but they had trains so stop judging). Since this was a 1day 1plan event it is way too late for you to join and visit us there, but I made some photos of our booth and the quite pretty …

Lifedrawing at LEVIS Brunch

This Thursday I was invited to LEVIS fashionbrunch to document the attendees with quick lifedrawn portraits. For that occasion I got some beautiful silky handmade sheets of paper, which I then tore carefully into smaller squares with feathery borders – all to underline the current fashion trend of pastel colors and soft, comfortable cuts and cottons.It was a fun 3 …

Haunted Island on Steam

Haunted Island launched on Steam! After being successfully greenlit “Haunted Island”, an atmospheric Tower Defense Game with RPG elements is now available on Steam. In 2014 I have worked with the up- and running Indie Game Developer Happy Tuesday on their passion project “Haunted Island”, a game set in a humorous, slightly trashy horror genre setting. Under the skilled direction …

On the national Radio!

For all old-school people out there: I have been on the National Faroese radio!I gave a live interview about my travels and the next event in Torshavn. You have heard my voice on broadcast if you were awake at 8:30h AM (local time Faroe) and tuned into the Morning Show on KVF – Faroese national broadcast www.kvf.fo For everyone else: …

Workshop ImagineFX

I got published in my favorit magazine ImagineFX again! This time I had the honor to crate a full lenght 4 pages workshop on “How to create new character designs” Additionally the workshop got featured on the official tutorial website CreativeBloq – which is why I can share my workshop with you guys here.

Feature ImagineFX

After writing several small tutorials for the Digital Art  Magazine ImagineFX I was very happy that I got a full double-spread feature in the newest issue! Thank you so much for your kind words!  

"Graphite" showed my sketches

I was so happy when 3dtotal publishing contacted me to use one of my sketches for their up and coming new anthology “Graphite“! Finally I have the issue in my hands and it is really beautiful. Amazing binding and paper, a real treat for a bibliophile like me! Thanks so much for letting me be a part of the very …

Tutorial ImagineFX

ImagineFX asked me again to write tutorials for their magazine. Which I gladly obey, I love writing tutorials! This time they enjoyed one of my contributions so much, that they published it later on their website Creativebloq! I am very honored, it was a lot of fun and I am glad that my message came through to people. This is …

Workshop ImagineFX

By some funny coincidence I found this video I made for ImagineFX on Youtube! It got secretly uploaded, so psshht…. It created quite a stir on tumblr so be sure to check it out! The topic is Male pin-up!

Feature ImagineFX

I got a small feature on th CD of the current ImagineFX issue! Thank you very much, I am humbled and happy 🙂