Team Indie

" Team Indie unites indie video game characters into one play experience. You will play co-op with your own prior runs and bend time to get through puzzles and action sequences. Characters like CommanderVideo from BIT.TRIP RUNNER or Clunk from Awesomenauts join forces, each one with their unique skill to cooperatively get through the jump ‘n run levels."
The Indie Game "Team Indie" was developed by the Game Developer Brightside Games.
Within 4 Months the visual development and final ingame graphics were created by an artist team of 3 illustrators.
Nadia Enis Visual Developement, Art Director
 Anna Carla Plicht Animation
 Annelie Kretzschmar InGame Art

2013 - Brightside Games - in-house
Full Visdev Concept and production. 
Characters: 2D Puppet Animation w Spine
World: Tiles w manual placing

Characters and World