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NOW & THEN artbook

It’s time to promote an artbook I’ve been part of
: THEN /NOW childhood revisited where a bunch of incredible professional artists redraw their own childhood drawings.

I’ve been lucky and got invited by Adam Hoppus to join this project and probably drew my first full size illustration in at least 5 years. I’m a designer, mind you, Usually there are not many illustrations to show up in my pofo.
I put a lot of thought and effort into my submission and am still very impressed by the amazing work the other artists have created. Each image has its own personal description and thoughts added to it, so this book is worthwhile reading, watching and owning.

I don’t know if I will get a free physical copy of it, so in case I don’t, I will defo buy one haha

Lifedrawing at LEVIS Brunch

This Thursday I was invited to LEVIS fashionbrunch to document the attendees with quick lifedrawn portraits. For that occasion I got some beautiful silky handmade sheets of paper, which I then tore carefully into smaller squares with feathery borders – all to underline the current fashion trend of pastel colors and soft, comfortable cuts and cottons.
It was a fun 3 hours where I got to meet the who-is-who of the German blogger and influencer scene and had interesting chit chat while I drew them quickly on paper. I even got a Levis jeans and T-shirt for free! Definitely a job I will remember πŸ™‚
Sadly I was so engaged with the people and the drawing that I forgot to make photos, but thankfully there has been some uploads which I am happy to share!