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Speaker Maljam Jumble

For the 3rd year in a row I  was part of this unique experience, giving the speech about The Artists Life that I have created for the IFCC Croatia earlier this year.

And again the Kotburschi Kollektiv called for the most creative and free heads from the German-speaking parts of the europe – and a wild and colorful crew gathered in Wuppertal, Germany in the halls of the social experiment commune Utopiastadt.
The Maljam Jumble, also known as Sketchwizzle, is an explosion of chaos and philosophy, art and community. Leading creatives from all genres and of all ages get together to discuss everything BUT the job. Much more important is it to accompany each other in their journey to truthful art and a balanced, complete life mastering the silver lining between creative chaos and sustainable comfort.

Speaker IFCC 2017

I am honored to announced that this year again I will be an official speaker at IFCC Croatia, to give a talk about Concept Art and professional issues. IFCC is an independent conference for Concept Art and Illustration for the entertainment industry with internationally acclaimed speakers.

This time I have prepared a talk about the “Life as an Artist”, following up my gatherings of several conversations with other artists throughout the last year.
I realized many artists struggle with the same issues, have similar fears and seems to be stuck at the same phase in their career. So I put together this talk to clear things up and give advice on how to go on at each step of their growth.

On the national Radio!

For all old-school people out there: I have been on the National Faroese radio!
I gave a live interview about my travels and the next event in Torshavn.

You have heard my voice on broadcast if you were awake at 8:30h AM (local time Faroe) and tuned into the Morning Show on KVF – Faroese national broadcast

For everyone else: This interview was recorded and is already online for stream!

I talk about my plans of travelling the world whilst giving workshops for aspiring concept artists. This way I want to bring education to communities far-off the Videogame metropoles – and also document their way of living for the internet community.

Speaker @ Animation Workshop

I gavemy talk about stereotypes in Character Designs at the infamous Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark. Thanks a lot that you all appeared in such a huge number and were so actively participating in the follow-up discussion!

This Talk is part of my Global Workshop Tour!
On my travels around the world I give free talks and workshops about Art & Design. The gain is to get to know the Artist’s Scene and bring education to far-off places. If you want to help me organize an event in your town, check my travel dates and write me a message.

Speaker Promised Land

This year was the first ever Promised Land in Lodz, Poland – supported by the amazing game dev company CD Projekt Red . The masterminds behind award-winning game identity Witcher I – III.
So obviously I was humbled when they invited me as one of their official speakers and announced me on their website.

 I held my popular talk / workshop about “How to Sketchbook” and people came plenty. This topic just never gets old it seems, it is by far my best visited item. I hope you attendees got something out of it — despite my furious cold — and dont forget to get a discounted copy of my video on Gumroad!

The LightGrey Artlab

Lightgrey Artlab is an active artist community / gallery that contributs greatly to the global artists community. The team of Lindsay Nohlan, Jenny Wells, James Lavella and Calvin Bauer organize Artist Residencies in beautiful surroundings. Giving artists from all genres and countries a week of inspiration and communication. Gatherings that not rarely result in collaborations and projects further down the line.

I applied and got accepted to be part of Team Basalt, a residency taking place in the North of Iceland. Close to Akureyri I was part of a phantastic group of artists, some of which I have already known through their fame and projects, and got to interact and learn from their crafts and thoughts.

The haunting beauty of the landscape in Iceland stunned me once more. I added two additional weeks to my trip to discover more of the country by myself. So I drove through th South with the car and stood all week in a small area, this time exploring all the small museums and th heritage of each little village. This connection to the country was so different from my trips before, which relayed heavily on sightseeing and checking off points on my bucket list. It was calm and sincere and intimate, a sight into the world and its beauty that the residency beforehand made possible. 

An amazing experience, thank you all very much for this amazing time and for making this possible.All Photos not by me but by the team

Speaker IFCC 2016

I was invited to hold a speech at IFCC Croatia this year.

For the honor of the event I created the talk “How to Sketchbook” which was greatly accepted by the audience. Thanks so much for you overwhelming response and interest in my work!

THU Berlin Meetup

I was asked to join my friends on stage of th THU Berlin Meetup. And it was fun!
We talked about inspiration, work, the industry or just our own ideas. The evening became an absolute blast when the room overheated and too much drinks went over the bar. I think none of us can really remember what happened that night – but from the stories I heard afterwards it was worth it!

Speaker Talk&Play

I collaborated with the monthly event of Talk&Play, where short 15 minutes talks and shout-outs are hosted on stage. In an event that also showcases current prototypes and projects of Berlin Indie developers. Thus the name, talk and play!

For this special event I put together a short checklist on how to avoid bad stereotypes in character design. I was very nervous to give the speech in front of an audience that mainly cannot identify with the problematics of this topic.

But I was accepted well, and although there were many critical questions the discussion stayed friendly and supportive.

Thanks for this crazy opportunity!

Tutorial ImagineFX

ImagineFX asked me again to write tutorials for their magazine. Which I gladly obey, I love writing tutorials!

This time they enjoyed one of my contributions so much, that they published it later on their website Creativebloq!

I am very honored, it was a lot of fun and I am glad that my message came through to people. This is also possible due to very good editing by the imagineFX staff. They got me and corrected my non-native English so well, that it greatly contributed to my workshop.

Thanks a lot for the work guys!

Workshop ImagineFX

By some funny coincidence I found this video I made for ImagineFX on Youtube! It got secretly uploaded, so psshht….

It created quite a stir on tumblr so be sure to check it out! The topic is Male pin-up!